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Retaining walls are a necessity in many locations across Colorado. Made to keep a hillside where it belongs or to gain valuable flat real estate for a patio, deck, or yard, retaining walls can be built out of many different materials. What is often used is determined by price and what needs to be contained, and some materials are much more conducive than others, especially where weight loads from downward pressure are significant.  An additional feature that has to be taken into consideration when you are thinking about a retaining wall is run-off. Wet dirt behind walls is much heavier and tends to have a mind of its own, going where you least desire. It takes an expert in the surroundings and purpose for a retaining wall to design and install one that is going to do what needs to be done at a reasonable price. 

Concrete Contractor Colorado Springs has many years experience working with the geology of the area and the local soil content.  We know how to construct a retaining wall that is going to do the work required while looking nice and at a price that is affordable. There are some locations where concrete block Colorado Springs supplies works well and is affordable. Other situations may require stacked pavers, a solid concrete wall that is formed and poured in place, or even solid hand built masonry walls of brick, stone, or granite. One advantage to poured concrete is that the hand build forms allow curves and other shapes to be achieved. This is very helpful when working around trees, boulders, flowerbeds, and other yard features. Concrete and concrete block also lend themselves to facing with rock or brick veneer to improve the aesthetic of the wall.


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When You Need a Retaining Wall Colorado Springs

While concrete blocks Colorado Springs knows as something that may work and is cheap, it is also a fact that block usually does not provide the strength and durability of a poured concrete retaining wall. Concrete block can be set, however, providing a solid vertical surface at a lower price than other forms of concrete wall construction. This is especially helpful when a long wall run is required, flat, vertical height is sought, or you plan to reinforce and solid pour the centers. The determination of what kind of wall works best for your situation will come from the contractor (if new construction), or from the concrete expert you call – Concrete Contractor Colorado Springs.

Our crews are experienced and have many years of working in the area. We can make recommendations for a safe, solid wall that will provide good service and low maintenance without shifting, bowing, falling, or cracking. Retaining walls in our region often are for safety concerns, and we reinforce all our installations to help you rest assured that your property is safe from falling or eroded debris. Call us or fill out our online contact form, and we will set up an appointment to walk the property and take a look a things like drainage and the kind of soil you have. We will give our recommendations and a free estimate to build your wall. We are locally owned, fully licensed by the State of Colorado, and are insured. Let us help you make the right decision when it comes to a retaining wall made from concrete.

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Chris F
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Fantastic, Amazing and Fast!! Concrete Contractor Colorado Springs were able to give me a quote using pictures of my space and then able to fit me in the same week and finished the job in a day. Granted my space to concrete wasn't huge, but I am so impressed with their work and how quickly he was able to accommodate. The best of concrete companies in Colorado Springs
Juile L
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Concrete Contractor Colorado Springs did an amazing job in installing a small concrete patio for my backyard! The team was very professional. I would definitely recommend them looking to have concrete systems in Colorado Springs.
Jennifer L
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I needed about eight squares of my sidewalk replaced, including most of the sidewalk in front of my driveway. Concrete Contractor Colorado Springs did the whole job while I was out of town and I came home to a new sidewalk. If only all contractors were this good in concrete repair in Colorado Springs.
Blake S
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Concrete Contractor Colorado Springs replaced a buckled sidewalk at the rear of our property. They gave a fair estimate, the finished work was first class, and the area was left clean and ready for use. Concrete Contractor Colorado Springs also had a great recommendation for an arborist to trim the tree roots that were the source of the problem. Highly recommend this company for concrete repair in Colorado Springs.
Kent B
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I had the estimate within 24 hours and the work done within a week. Concrete Contractor Colorado Springs were excellent concrete stain in Colorado Springs. I found them to be professional, clean, organized, reliable and knowledgeable. One of the best contractors I've ever dealt with.
Susan E
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Concrete Contractor Colorado Springs put in concrete for us for a hot tub pad behind our house. They was absolutely terrific to work with, making adjustments as we discovered a drain system in place under the proposed pad without charging us extra. It took us two years to find the time to finally get this done, and we're so excited to get to finally use our backyard space. Absolutely recommended for concrete repair Colorado Springs.
Mike W
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Concrete Contractor Colorado Springs did a wonderful job of replacing our patio with minimal intrusion into our rose garden. Over the years some sizable cracks and buckling had developed. We were undecided whether to repair or replace the patio. They excavated about 90% of the old concrete patio, extended some of the brick edging and preserved access to the drainage trap for the building. They were professional concrete repair in Colorado Springs, on-time, cleaned up in the evening.
Rod S
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We had a very good experience with Concrete Contractor Colorado Springs. The completed concrete work was done timely and just the way we wanted. The price was reasonable and the quality excellent. There were no hidden costs and timeline of work given to us prior to the start of the job was accurate to the end of the job. Highly recommend Concrete Contractor Colorado Springs for concrete floors in Colorado Springs.
Carl D
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I had cement put in on the side of my house and it looks great! They even took the time to give me info and an estimate about other work on my yard to be done in the future. I am very happy with the work done and I would hire them again for stamped concrete in Colorado Springs! Very professional, good communication, on time, and great follow through! Also good pricing!
Paul J
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These guys are very professional, courteous, prompt and affordable. But perhaps most importantly, they do fantastic work! They installed a slab in my backyard on short notice for a garden shed and I couldn't be happier with the finished product. Highly recommended! Call this company for concrete stain in Colorado Springs.