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A truly talented stone or brick mason is an artist, and that artistry can translate into some breathtaking work on your home or business when you call Concrete Contractor Colorado Springs. While concrete is our primary business, we also employ some of the finest stone and brick masonry Colorado Springs. With many years of training, our tradesmen can create a custom fireplace, foundation, retaining wall, flowerbeds, fence, or just about anything else you can dream up made of block, stone or brick. With many years of experience, our masons can tackle projects few contractors will quote, including arches, full construction, and difficult hillside installations. 

Whether you need stairs built up to the cabin from your parking space or an outside grill and oven created, call us. We will set up a time to chat about your masonry project, talk about available materials and pricing, and provide a free quote for labor and installation. We can take care of the design work from your ideas, arrange for all permits, verify drainage and other structural challenges, and do all the work. Our crews take pride in leaving the job site clean and your property intact. When you want to utilize beautiful natural stone or brick for your next project, call Concrete Contractor Colorado Springs. We love what we do and we do it very, very well.

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There are many historical buildings in Colorado made from stone and brick. Brick especially needs regular maintenance, as over time the mortar holding brick in place tends to deteriorate. Only a knowledgeable mason should ever attempt a brick restoration, as older forms of mortar differ significantly in chemical composition than new materials, and mixing the two can result in major problems for the future structural integrity of the building. Sometimes brick needs mortar joints repairs, or even repointed, a technique that literally fixes the spaces with tiny bits of mortar put in with the point of a trowel. The painstaking process can become necessary to save a building, but can give it many more decades of virtually maintenance free life. A good stone or brick mason understands the geometry and chemistry of your stone and brick installation, and knows how to repair damage, replace pieces that have fallen out, or patch the hole in the fence the errant driver made so that you can not notice the patch.

Often our clients want to mix materials, and our experienced masons can easily work with natural materials and decorative concrete applications. This includes the use of stone and brick veneers where using the natural product could present installation challenges, such as making the weight of a wall too much or not stable enough. Decorative concrete Colorado Springs leans towards blending masonry work that may involve a natural stone footer but a stamped concrete Colorado Springs and stained driveway that is complementary or decorative concrete hearths that are strong and stable while being comfortable to sit on, complementing a solid field stone fireplace. Decorative stone veneer over a block facing is also an economical alternative to solid stone. Bring us your ideas and we can help you with any masonry need you have, from new installation to delicate, difficult repairs on historical structures. Concrete Contractors Colorado Springs is licensed and insured, locally owned and operated, and we take pride in our masonry work being our business card.

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