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Beautify With Stamped Concrete

Many people know that concrete is a durable, sustainable, cost effective construction material, but are simply turned off by the flat, grey appearance of the finished product. They turn to natural stone ranging from cobblestone to flag and fieldstone to slate, granite, and increasingly scarce Colorado bluestone to have the look they seek with colors that blend into the Colorado vernacular architecture locally preferred. Natural stone, while beautiful and durable, is very expensive, costly to get installed, and sometimes comes with its own challenges for surface durability, resisting stains and flaking, and other issues. It is also not a sustainable resource, a challenge for many local residents who take great pride in helping Colorado maintain the natural beauty and environment in as healthy a manner as possible.

Concrete Contractor Colorado Springs has a potential solution to both using up the resource and the significant expense with a natural composition, durable product that can be made to look like stone, brick, parquet, and a variety of textures and patterns ranging from reed, leaf, bark and burlap imprint. The solution is concrete, and not the old, flat grey concrete you are used to seeing. Stained concrete Colorado Springs installs can be dyed, stained, stamped, and patterned to achieve remarkably realistic results to mimic many varieties of stone and natural facings at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to do an installation of real stone. Stamped concrete Colorado Springs is durable, and the stain and dye used to color concrete is fade and sun resistant, holds up to chemical treatments, and can be colored to match or blend in with your décor. It is an economical, practical, smart alternative to natural stone.

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Decorative Concrete Adds Appeal & Value

Concrete installations in general tend to add value to your property, due in part to the durability of the product. Decorative concrete is even more so a positive addition to your home or business, especially if the combination of stamping and concrete stain Colorado Springs traditionally installs is a good match for the style of your home, the coloration, and matches well to the surroundings. We have had customers use everything from coins to children’s blocks to imprint and pattern concrete to make it decorative. Popular natural materials are straw, leaves, and flowers. Hand application of surface coloring can create a unique look for your property, making a stand out addition that catches attention when you have guests or go to sell your house. 

Call us or send in the online contact form, and let us know if you are considering decorative concrete work at your place or wether you need concrete driveway Colorado Springs services. We will set up an appointment and bring samples and information about patterns and coloration we think can complement your project. Stamped and dyed concrete is a good, economical alternative to natural stone while allowing designs that go well above and beyond to create a signature look for your home or store. Let’s start the design process so you can have the pleasure of seeing how beautiful concrete can actually become. Call Concrete Contractors Colorado Springs today!

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